"I was so lucky to have several coach sessions with Ewelina. She is very empathetic person with a natural ability to listen and understand human needs, and excellent skills to empower and encourage personal growth. I was in a condition of no comprehension of my inner desires and priorities in life. Ewelina was curious about my thoughts and feelings, and passionate to discover my true values. It helped me to overcome hesitation and move further to my dreams.  Setting small goals and steps is a wonderful tool to solve big problems. Thanks to relevant and structured questions I could plan my actions, prepare to the job interview and start Master Thesis writing. I had great insights and felt enthusiasm and willingness to do steps by steps but not only to plan. Ewelina was always attentive to my wishes and we summarized every session so that I could make notes which were very helpful in future. I love coaching with Ewelina and highly recommend her as experienced coach and sincere person."

Alena, Lawyer / MBA Student, Finland 

"Ewelina is a wonderfully warm and kind person and with her coaching and clever questions she managed to push me in the right direction in my life... I could trust her fully and she helped me in putting things into perspective..."

Barbara- International Manager, London (United Kingdom)

“Ewelina was very good at listening and was happy to let the process evolve rather than set fixed goals. Ewelina showed a dedication and commitment to me as a client. She was happy to work with me and walk beside me through a period of unexpected change and transition.”

Elvira -London (United Kingdom)

“I can recommend coaching sessions with Ewelina who is a friendly and warm-hearted person. She asks apt questions which I found fundamental in my coaching sessions, being essential food for thought. Freedom for thinking and talking about the themes a coachee chooses and, simultaneously, no feeling of being judged make indispensible atmosphere of trust between a coach and a coachee. Thank you!”

Elzbieta- Bialystok (Poland)

“Ewelina is great in what she is doing, thanks to her it may be first step in your life to change. She will listen to you and ask questions which will help you to find the best solutions and help you in thing you need to change. You can talk with her about everything and she will keep this only for herself. With no doubt this conversations will help you to solve your problems.”

Marta, Warszawa, Poland

“Working with Ewelina was like a journey of self-discovery. Each session I was learning more and more about myself, discovering my limiting beliefs and gaining more clarity on what I actually want my life to look like. I opened myself to new opportunities, boosted my confidence and got courage to eventually step out of my comfort zone! It was a life changing experience and it would not be possible without Ewelina’s support. I really recommend Ewelina. I usually find it difficult to open myself and share my very personal thoughts with somebody. With Ewelina… it just happened! She is a very warm and supportive person but, at the same time, she knew when the time is right to ask a more challenging question. What I also love about Ewelina is that you can feel she loves what she is doing, she gives you all the attention and support during each session. I would recommend her as a coach to anyone who feel like his life is not going in the right direction.”

Dominka -Life Coach, Bialystkok (Poland)

“I had a chance to have a few coaching sessions with Ewelina. After a few sessions I can say that it was quality time. She is a very good listener, pays attention to what you're saying. Her open and polite attitude really helps to relax and feel comfortable. I can recommend her as a life coach. With the right questions you can always find the right answers. Thank you Ewelina.”

Marta - Music Composer, Singer, London (United Kingdom)
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